P is For Posters

When I was a tyke, some of my first memories of being attracted to graphic design was all of the educational ephemera that was plastered all over a typical classroom. I didn’t know that the design field existed back then, but all of the illustrations and design styles really struck a chord with me. I think this poster project is sort of a send up of that early experience.

So what is it?

This project is called “…is for…” as in “A is for apple”, “B is for battery," etc. I’ll be creating 26 posters, one for each letter of the alphabet. On the poster, there will be 26 items that begin with that letter. In an even more granular design decision, each letter will be colored with a hue that also begins with that letter.←Weirdo

While the theme will be different for each poster, the plan is that they can work as individuals or as an assemblage.

To What End?

My initial motivation for creating these posters was just for fun. I’m currently looking for a job and doing other design related projects. Between spending most of my day writing cover letters and working on other projects like Votellect, I want something that is pure entertainment.

Also like many activities I take on, it’s also to fill a knowledge gap; in this case the designed collectable market. I’ve sold apps and created sites for pay, but I’ve never designed anything with the possiblity of selling the result.

The process of designing, printing, marketing, fulfilling, etc should be a great learning experience.

The Rest

These posters won’t immediately go on sale since they have not all been designed yet. I wanted to have them ready and available to buy all at once, so making them is the first order of business. Instead, I’ll be releasing them about once a week on this very blog with a brief explanation of the poster.

I’d be happy to hear feedback and feel free to share with your peeps. Make sure to come back on occasion to check the progress and hold my feet to the fire to complete these.