Oh, Hello

My name is Corey Hunt and I’m a graphic designer currently living and seeking work in San Francisco. I graduated from the Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in Communication Design, and immediately moved out to San Francisco. Prior to attending Pratt, I was in IT and figured a background in technology combined with training in graphic design would be a great combination.


I’m writing this blog as a companion text for current and future projects to give insight into my thinking and process. A sort of “over the shoulder” of my work as it progresses. Writing will not only shine a light on my work for an outside reader, but will allow for introspection as it is written.


I previously mentioned some personal projects that I’m currently working on. Between the two, they fill my need to design in what are two separate areas of design; traditional graphic design and product design.

Poster Series

The first is a poster series based around the letters of the alphabet. It will be a collection of 26 posters, one for each letter, with items that begin with the letter. This project is a pretty straightforward graphic design project that I hope to release on a one poster per week over the next 26 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Read more about it HERE.


My second project is more ambitious and is in align with one of my favorite things to read and think about; politics and government. It’s called Votellect and is a voter aid.

Currently, the plan is to make web app that helps the average voter compare candidates based on sourced, first hand views of those candidates. Eventually it will be voter assistant tool that does everything from help in finding a polling site to understanding what is on the ballot.

At the moment, it is more of a design exercise than something I see becoming fully realized as I am designing and building it entirely on my own.

On the other hand, something being daunting hasn’t stopped me before.


Going forward, I’ll be placing all project updates on this blog. I’m trying to stick to some sort of schedule, but for now it’s more of an aspiration, than a promise.

Feel free to reach out and I look forward to sharing my work. Thanks for coming by.