The Letter D

“D” is for damn, it took me long enough to complete the poster for the fourth letter of the alphabet.

Votellect Tech

From the start, I recognized that building Votellect to fit what I’d imagined was going to kick my ass. Not solely because I am developing Votellect alone, but I’ll be doing so while learning new methodologies and languages.

What’s In Store For Votellect

The primary purpose for Votellect is to be a centralized place for voters to learn about the candidates, propositions, and laws that they are expected to vote for.

An Introduction To Votellect

I sat there looking at a card full of candidates beyond the ones that I was familiar with. I knew who I wanted for the national offices like senator and congress person, but I had no idea who these judges, school board members, and comptrollers were.

The Letter A

The best place to start is from the beginning, so I’ve started with the letter A.

P is For Posters

When I was a tyke, some of my first memories of being attracted to graphic design was all of the educational ephemera that was plastered all over a typical classroom. I didn’t know that the design field existed back then, but all of the illustrations and design styles really struck a chord with me. I think this poster project is sort of a send up of that early experience.

Oh, Hello

My name is Corey Hunt and I’m a graphic designer currently living and seeking work in San Francisco. I graduated from the Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in Communication Design