An Introduction To Votellect

I sat there looking at a card full of candidates beyond the ones that I was familiar with. I knew who I wanted for the national offices like senator and congress person, but I had no idea who these judges, school board members, and comptrollers were. Having just moved to San Francisco, I didn’t know anything about the candidates and their views. Not to mention the numerous propositions.


I’m hoping that Votellect can help other people in the same boat as I was. In the next post I’ll get into the details of my intentions for this and where I see it going, but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the project.


Since this will be written as I complete this project, it lets me think about my process externally. That isn’t always possible when you are creating something alone.

I also thought that it might be useful for anyone who is interested in the creative process or just wants to see how something like this is made from beginning to end.

This collection of posts will cover the entire process of creating Votellect, from beginning to the end. They will be written alongside the design and development process, and will be released as close to a schedule as possible. I’m aiming for the posts to be written about twice a week or as the project requires.

Stay tuned.