PandaDoc Brand Iconography and Illustrations

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This set of illustrations and icons shows the design direction that I created for PandaDoc and their forward facing website and marketing materials. My approach was to create a distinct and replicable company style of clean and stylish line art with illustrations that had accents of PandaDoc green.

The state of design prior to my arrival at PandaDoc was a mix of templates, cartoonish illustrations, and stock icon packs. They didn’t feel that it was representative of the professionalism of the company, their many SMB and enterprise level clientele, or the direction of their business.
My approach was to understand PandaDoc’s business and what their customers expected of not only them, but of their competition. PandaDoc’s business is about easily creating great documents and had quite a bit of great content on their site. It was important for the my final design assets to not distract from the typed content and more uplift and complement the content. Being the only marketing designer at the company, it was also important for me to have a style that was not just representative of the company and their values, but to also be something I alone could recreate and at a high standard.

A grid of black and white icons.

A sample of the final icon set. I created two versions for each icon to allow for increased or decreased fidelity depending on use and size.

An example of how the icons were used throughout the site.

An outline of the United States with a signature line in it. There is a green pen next to it.

PandaDoc doesn't have a large color palette, so I decided to use the PandaDoc logo green as an accent color in my illustrations.

The eSignature illustration in situ.

The eSignature illustration in situ.

An image of a safe with a green door wheel.

An example of the use of the green accent color. I also used three levels of line weights to give the illustration dimensionality.

An image of a giant vault door in the middle of four groups of text.

An in-place example of the illustration. It was important not to distract from the content.

Three illustrations of pages with varying layouts.

An example of an illustration that would be used to replace the current collection of stock imagery that is currently in place.

A row of iconography that contains a lock, pen, paper, and a panda.

This illustration is an example of how the current collection of the more cartoonish panda mascot will be replaced with a more professional illustration style.

The bottom of a web page with illustrations

In-situ of the new footer illustration as well as an example of how previously used clip art is replaced with custom assets.

An illustration of a machine labeled activity-o-matic

Another part of my job was to create assets for print materials for conventions, ads, and in this case, a white paper. This is an example of an illustration showing the process of the sales lead process.